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September 11 - September 16

The exciting 2018 Dublin conference will have something to offer students of all backgrounds, entrepreneurial leaders and developers, communication specialist, OD consultants and any one that looks forward to something in which aspects of any profession may be enhanced.

This conference will cover things such as:

  • How to publish in the OD journal
  • Roadmap on how to become a consultant
  • Exploring Action Research
  • The spirit of the entrepreneur.
  • Communicating across cultural lines
  • Setting up your consulting practice
  • Workshops on Government/Non-profit and entrepreneurs

Some of the speakers include:

Henri Savall is an Emeritus Professor at the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises, University Jean Moulin Lyon 3,
where he was the founder and co-director of the Centre EUGINOV (Ecole Universitaire de Gestion Innovante) and
the Socio-Economic Management Master’s program. He is the founder and president of the ISEOR Research
Center. Savall has a multidisciplinary education and his fields of interest include management, accounting, finance, political science, linguistics, economics, and economic history.

Amandine Savall is an scholar-practitioner at ISEOR research center (France) where she has carried out various change interventions in European, American, and Middle Eastern companies.

David Coghlan is a Professor Emeritus and Fellow Emeritus at the Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He specializes in organization development and action research and is active in both communities internationally.

R. Wayne Boss is a Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship in the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder.

While the conference will be top notched there will be plenty of opportunities to explore Dublin.
We will be able to explore great Irish food, culture, and of course some original superior libations.


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