Affiliate organizations

Affiliate Organizations

iCAL work with a range of partners who provide services and expert advice to enhance the services that we provide for our clients.



What is the ISODC?

The International Society for Organization Development and Change is the leading international society for organizational development and change.

What We Do: Who We Do It For:
  • Innovative Research
  • Education
  • Publications
  • Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Businesses
  • Non-profits
  • NGOs
  • Higher Education Governments


What is NEXUS4change?

NEXUS4change brings leaders, practitioners, activists, scholars and students together to advance the field of whole systems change, so that together, we can address critical challenges and opportunities in our world. We connect individuals who are dedicated to using principles of collaboration and dialogue based methods with the use of tools including webinars, trainings, conferences, small group discussions, and other opportunities.

Florida Institute of Technology’s mission is to provide high-quality education to a culturally diverse student body in order to prepare students for entering the global workforce, seeking higher-education opportunities, and serving within their communities. The university also seeks to expand knowledge through basic and applied research and to serve the diverse economic, cultural, and societal needs of our local, state, national and international constituencies.

Performance and success in unfamiliar cultures requires recalibration and adaptation in the way you do business. Utilizing our innovative Third Eye process, ICCM prepares its clients for seamless integration and a powerful introduction into your new market. We train. We prepare. We help you adapt, communicate and interrelate at the highest level.



SGE Media

SGE Media is Creating Media for a Changing World and Helping your team have productive meetings online. Our services include:

  • Webinar Facilitation
  • Engaged Change © Conference Calls
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Designing virtual conferences & interactive conversations
  • Creating unique video content to promote your organization


We apply innovative methods to help organizations and executives discover new ways of “being” that lead to profound changes.
We give an organization more life. Like you, we believe that your business is more than just a problem to be solved.

OCAI Online provides the validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument, developed by Cameron & Quinn of the University of Michigan, for online use by individuals, teams, and organisations. Founders Marcella Bremer and Marcel Lamers also offer consulting, online video training, a 3-day onsite workshop, and a blog on culture. Bremer published the book Organisational Culture Change and her new book is expected by December 2017.

The Bridging Principles are a set of intercultural communication strategies that build bridges for successful professional relationships between individuals, organizations, businesses, and government agencies.


The free Leadership & Change magazine blog about Positive Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Change is meant for leaders, consultants, coaches that want to make a positive difference at work. The paid members’ area gives access to magazines, video training, webinars, white papers, articles to help you develop positive change, leadership, and culture.