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Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence: How Extraordinary Leaders Build Relationships, Shape Culture and Drive Breakthrough Results

Successful leaders build and maintain productive, mutually-beneficial relationships – inside and outside of their organizations. They purposefully shape workplace culture that retains talent, cultivates innovation and supports the organization’s goals. And they achieve excellence in teamwork and organizational execution – the nuts and bolts of collaborative action that actually produces desired results.

But how, exactly, do they do this?

How are they thinking about their organizations – and about themselves and their colleagues? And how does this particular way of thinking enable them to achieve and sustain breakthrough results?

And what are the “tools” that these extraordinary men and women use in this work?

Drawing on conversations with thousands of CEO’s, business owners and senior leaders of all types over the last 10 years, Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence provides an eye-opening organizational blueprint, coupled with powerful, practical tools that leaders at all levels are employing to dramatically improve workplace relationships, shape culture and drive breakthrough results.

Chalmers Brothers and Vinay Kumar introduce leaders to a startlingly powerful way of understanding language and conversations, as well as the “actual actions” of effective leaders and managers. More importantly, however, Chalmers and Vinay invite leaders to take a new look at themselves, their colleagues and the ways in which certain internal and external conversations open genuinely new opportunities to bring about literally unprecedented results… and the ways in which others shut down creativity, damage relationships, diminish possibilities and cripple effective action.

Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence provides a framework for dramatically improving the three competencies that matter most to successful leaders:

• Conversational competencies
• Relational competencies
• Emotional competencies

It is these, far more than technical or functional competencies, that enable extraordinary leaders to do what they do… and be who they are.

Full of practical take-aways, parallels from other best-selling business authors and real-world application, this book is essential for leaders seeking to significantly improve bottom-line results – however those are measured.

Chalmers Brothers’ first book, Language and the Pursuit of Happiness: A New Foundation for Designing Your Life, Your Relationships and Your Results (2005), introduced an eye-opening way of understanding language, conversations, relationships and – most importantly – ourselves. In the years since its publication, this best-selling book has been adopted by leadership, coaching and training programs at Georgetown University, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the Newfield Network, REI Systems – and many others.

Building on this success, Brothers and Kumar have also developed leadership and employee development programs based on these foundational principles, practices and distinctions. These programs have been delivered within organizations in the US, Canada, the UK, Israel and India, and have yielded transformational shifts in awareness, emotional well-being, relationships, culture and execution. CEO’s from these companies are available to share with you the powerful impact these new ways of understanding, new ways of thinking and new ways of taking action have had on their organizations – as well themselves.

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    It is refreshing to see when an article is written by someone who has a complete grasp of the subject matter, Thank You!


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