Mastering the Infinite Game


Mastering the Infinite Game: How East Asian Values are Transforming Business Practices   by Charles Hampden-Turner and Fons Trompenaars

“Disguised as a very good book about Asia and business. Mastering the Infinite Game is a significant work of ethical philosophy. It will be interesting to see who catches on to its message first – western business people eager to keep up with the Asian tigers,or western communitarians trying to head off the current round of Social Darwininsm.” Stewart Brand Global Business Network. Author of Buildings that Learn and publisher of The Whole Earth Catalogue.
“The use of the two symbols for the Finite Game and the Infinite Game is brilliant. It unifies the book and constantly reminds the reader of its message as he/she is taken through the various aspects of business values and practice in East Asia (Singapore). and of the way these contrast with the “West”. This is one of the most powerful statements yet made of how we have to shake off our acquired assumptions. based on a false sense of superiority, or otherwise go under.” Professor John Child – Guinness Professor of Management Studies and Fellow. St. John?s College University of Cambridge.

“A bold integration of management, Asian studies and cultural philosophy that both illuminates our future and suggests its practical imperatives. Those looking for the subtext of the new economy need look no further than the notion of infinite games. An inspired and valuable work.” John Kao Graduate School of Business, Harvard University. Author of Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity.

“An intriguing book which explores the habits and methods of thinking across a wide range of cultures. It emphasises once again that traditional Western thinking is only one set of habits” Edward De Bono

“A truly enlightening insight into the Overseas Chinese approach to business and thinking. This book challenges most of the existing economic, political, managerial and directorial thought about world trade. It is a stimulating read!” Bob Garratt Chairman, Organisational Development Ltd. Hong Kong.

“A necessary revelation?a fine piece of radicalism, beyond left and right, reconciling ?heaven and hell?. In fact. I kept thinking of William Blake?s line as I read: ?Opposition is true friendship.” Sir Peter Parker

“The dynamic duo of cross-cultural management?repeat their success of unraveling values and cultures which underlie corporate behavior and management in the booming economies of East Asia to Western readers.” Sakae Sugai Professor of Management, Tokyo International University.

“This excellent book reflects a paradigm shift of the Western view towards Asian cultures. This understanding is urgent and even more important than is knowledge of the West by Easterners.” Professor Dr Jae Ho Park Yeungnam University, South Korea.


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