Riding the Waves of Culture

Leadership is about reconciling dilemmas.Fons Trompenaars


Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business 3rd edition

By Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner.

The definitive guide to cross-cultural management–updated to help you lead effectively during a time of unprecedented globalization. First published nearly 20 years ago, Riding the Waves of Culture became the standard guide to leading effectively in an international business context. Now, the third edition takes you beyond cross-cultural awareness and issues to help you take strategic advantage of cultural differences in the business environment.

Leveraging their expansive cultural database as well as brand-new research findings, the authors explain how to build the skills, sensitivity, and cultural awareness necessary to managing effectively across cultural borders and seize all the opportunities diversity brings to an organization.

Fully updated to include:
* New Chapters on partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions
* New insight into cultural convergence
* New perspectives on the dynamics of national culture and corporate culture
* New ways to reconcile cultural differences, innovate, and apply servant leadership
* New appendix material, including access to online learning s

As U.S. organizations continue to explore overseas business opportunities, they will be challenged to adapt to the new market’s local characteristics, legislation, fiscal regime, sociopolitical environment and cultural system. Riding the Waves of Culture shows international managers how to build the skills, sensitivity, and cultural awareness needed to establish and sustain management effectiveness across cultural borders.
This revised edition is updated with new research and statistics.

Fons Trompenaars is recognised around the world for his work as consultant, trainer, motivational speaker and author of various books on all subjects of culture and business. As founder and director of Trompenaars Hampden-Turner (THT), an intercultural management firm, he has spent over 25 years helping Fortune 500 leaders manage and solve their business and cultural dilemmas to increase global effectiveness and performance, particularly in the areas of globalization, mergers and acquisition, HR and leadership development.

Listed regularly as one of the world’s most influential, living, management thinkers, he has been awarded the International Professional Practice Area Research Award by the American Society for Training and Development. Voted one of the top 20 HR Most Influential International Thinkers 2011 by HR Magazine. He is also ranked in the Thinkers50 to be one of the most influential management thinkers alive in November 2011 and shortlisted as making substantial strides in the contribution to the understanding of globalization and the new frontiers established by the emerging markets.

His 13 books include best seller and ‘Book of the Year’ “Riding the Waves of Culture”, “Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business”, “Culture for Business” co-authored with Charles Hampden-Turner (he is the co-author with Charles Hampden-Turner of six other books on cross-cultural business and organizational issues), “Riding the Whirlwind: Connecting People and Organizations in a Culture of Innovation”, “Innovating in a Global Crisis” and “The Global M&A Tango: How to reconcile cultural differences in mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships”.

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Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner

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